After a storm, have you had roofers knock on your door offering services? While some of these companies are reputable, others, unfortunately, are not. Each year we hear of homeowners who hire companies that attempt to defraud the insurance companies by submitting fraudulent invoices for work not completed. For most homeowners, the process of having their insurance company replace a roof under the provisions of their policy is unfamiliar and confusing, so they mistakenly trust a stranger who arrives at their door and promises to pay for their deductible and handle their claim.

We’d like to offer some advice:

  • Don’t sign anything with someone who comes to your door. This advice, which actually comes from the Colorado Secretary of State, is the single best way to avoid fraud. Scammers will ask for your signature or “authorization” to inspect your roof and meet with your insurance adjuster. What you are really singing is a contract for them to replace your roof if the insurance company approves it.
  • Slow down: Your insurance company allows up to one year for you to file a claim and complete the work. Exception: if you have a wood shake roof, have it checked out quickly since the evidence diminishes with time.
  • Beware of companies who say they will pay part or all of your insurance deductible. It’s insurance fraud, and it’s a good way to get your policy dropped. New laws went into effect in June 2012 specifically making it illegal to pay or waive a deductible.
  • Don’t ever give a company money until materials are delivered and/or the job is completed. If they need your money to buy materials, it’s a good sign they are not financially stable and unreliable.

So, here’s our offer to you:

  • If you’d like your roof inspected for damage, we’d be glad to do that for you.
  • If your property is damaged and you would like us to restore it, we’ll be glad to!
  • And if you do choose to have us complete the entire restoration project, we will offer to upgrade your shingles to a high-definition shingle with a lifetime warranty and a 130 mph wind rating, or a free iPad mini.

At Colorado Roof Assist, we will respect your privacy and will not come to your door uninvited. Instead, you get quality workmanship, friendly customer service, and one-stop restoration services from roofing, painting, siding, gutters, windows, fence restoration, and more.  Additionally, you work with:

  • A local, licensed, insured, Denver BBB A Rated company
  • A Home Advisor screened and approved contractor
  • No money down until your roof is complete

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